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Medliant's RNs show their happiness and excitement as they arrive in the US. These smiling nurses are from Iloilo City, Bacolod, and Manila. Welcoming them are representatives from the Nursing Department of their new employer, Carle Foundation Hospital, Chicago, IL.

Eliza Acha
Legaspi, Albay

Pat Tormon
IloIlo City

Jelane Pedres

Medliant is a unique healthcare consulting company, we:

  • Assist nurses by providing full time employment in the US.
  • Support our client hospitals by supplying quality nurses to help alleviate their staffing shortage.

And all attest to our honesty, dedication, and personal service:

"We could not be happier with the nurses we received from Medliant. Their English skills are excellent, their work habits are superb, and their nursing abilities are outstanding. I strongly recommend Medliant when adding international recruiting to your staffing strategies."

--Kim Keene, Vice President, Touro Infirmary, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

"Two years ago, working abroad seemed unreal for me. All I know about it is that I need to pay thousands of pesos to get a working visa. When my uncle told me about Medliant, I learned about what I need to do to work abroad on an immigrant status. Medliant pretty much did everything for me. They called me frequently to give me feedback about my status and when required what paperwork is needed, but most of the time I just prepared for my exams. They made everything easy for me. But the best thing they did for me is finding me the right hospital. Imagine being in a strange place and you don't know anybody, well, it can be pretty scary. But since the people were so nice and warm, my adjustment period was easy. Now, that I'm working abroad, all I can say is that I trusted the right people to get me here and they didn't disappoint me. Medliant really made sure I'd be well taken care of."

--LIZA ACHA, formerly a reviewer at Mayon Professional Group, Inc., Legaspi City, Albay; currently Operating Room Nurse in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

"Medliant is the best agency you can choose for your application abroad. They offer an applicant a variety of packages that will fit your own needs. I arrived in the U.S. a little over a year after the petition was filed. Nurses nowadays are highly in demand all over the world most particularly in the United States. With this demand Filipino nurses grab the opportunity in seeking a greener pasture and professional advancement. And to cater for the needs of these professional Nurse's many recruiting agencies have begun operations in the Philippines. Most of them promise great jobs abroad. But in the reality not all of them can provide jobs. Lots of nurses were traumatized by their experiences--agencies providing false assurances, unorganized process of application, difficulty of getting reliable information and a lot more. Finding a right agency to facilitate your needs in going abroad is an essential part of the process. In these concept Medliant can help you in everyway. Medliant is the BEST agency I encountered for my application abroad. They offer a variety of packages, which will fit your own, needs. Starting from the information you need about available jobs in the U.S., how to apply for it, the requirements needed, what benefit will the applicant gain from it and a lot more. They easily facilitate my papers and update the applicants on their status. They also provide proper guidance on how to fill up proper documents for your job in the hospital, documents for your application for examinations, for your visa, and your ICHP certificate, they even facilitate your documents for acquiring your Professional Nursing License in the U.S. Going to the U.S. is never an easy process. You have to pass the examination required by the proper agency. TOEFL, TSE, TWE, CGFNS are essential for your application. These were required examinations for your application, so nurses could not do away with these.

"But do not worry--Medliant facilitates your application for these examinations as well as review classes. To all Professional nurses who have the dream of working abroad, Medliant is the best agency and they are very willing to help you."

--Pat Tormon, Formerly of IloIlo City, Philippines, Clinical Instructor West Visayas State University; currently Staff Nurse West Jefferson Medical Center, Marrero, Louisiana, USA.

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